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4th Nov 
8amArrivals,  Coffee & Chat
8:15amConference Welcome
Panel 1:[AS] Ellen Schaefer-Salins – The Looking Glass Self
8:30- 10am1. Katherine Wakely-Mulroney – Reflections and Transparencies: Through the Looking-Glass and Sylvie and Bruno 
 2. Hayley Flynn – Mirrors of the Mind: Optical Technology and Dream Theory in the Work of Lewis Carroll
 3. Hannah Helm – Excitable, emotional, prone to fantasy? Textbook case of female hysteria”: Mirrors and Madness in Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)
  Chair: Franziska Kohlt
10-10.15amCoffee Break
Panel 2:
[AS] Rebecca Gibson – Through the Broken, Melted Looking Glass: Examining the Mirror Universe of the Matrix with regard to Carrollian Metaphors
 4. Francesca Arnavas – Lewis Carroll’s Looking-Glass: In between Fairy Tale Magic Mirror and Victorian Glassworld
 5. Afrinul Haque Khan – Through the Prism of the Looking- Glass: Inversion, Emancipation and Power
 6. Bridget Blankley – Through the Looking-Glass or Through the Lens: Redefinition and Reinvention
  Chair: Jade Dillon
 11:45-12pmCoffee Break
RT: Modernism in Wonderland: Lewis Carroll’s Modernist Afterlife
Prof Michelle Witen, David Conlon, Michelle Moore, Ann Martin, Jessica McCort
Chair: John Morgenstern
Lunch Break 1-1:45pm
1-1:45pm[AS: RT 2] Roundtable: Mirrors and Space in/and Art
Prof Amanda Kennell, Rika Hiro, Charlotte Horlyck, Peter Sachs Collopy
 1:45-2:45pmKeynote Lecture 1: Dr Diane Waggoner –
Going the Other Way: Lewis Carroll’s Photography and Through the Looking-Glass
  Chair: Mark Richards
 2:45-3pmCoffee Break
Panel 3:[AS] Amy de Nobriga – Unseen Narratives: Data visualisation Through the Looking Glass
3-4:30pm7. Kate Bailey & Harriet Reed – “Curiouser and Curiouser”: VR at the V&A
 8. Filipus Gilang Wicaksono – Alternate worlds as a means of escape and reflecting on the self: an examination of Wonder.Land
 9. Nick Coates – The Alice Code: looking-glass thinking for innovators
  Chair: Kiera Vaclavik
4:30-4:45pmCoffee Break
Panel 4:[AS] Adriana Peliano – Alicescope of Alicedelic Alicinations
4:45-6:15pm10. Jade Dillon – Breaking Through the Looking Glass: (Re)Imagining Alice through Visual Representation
 11. Nilce Pereira – Illustrations and Illustrators of “Looking-Glass House”
 12. Adam Paxman – It Came from the Glass Curtain!
 Chair: Justine Houyaux
Q&A with panellists & members of roundtable Illustration

Concluding Remarks for Day 1 & Musical contribution by Tim Hunter,
Drinks reception and Social


 5th November
8-8:30amArrivals & Coffee
Panel 5:
8:30- 9:30am
[AS] Nick Schilero – Through the Looking-Glass, Einstein, Gödel, Euclid and Infinity
13. Eric Gerlach – The Looking-Glass, Opposites & Aristotle’s Logic
 14. Bas Savenije – Humpty Dumpty’s View on Language under the Magnifying Glass
 Chair: Mark Richards
9:30-9:45am Coffee Break
RT 3:
RT: Lewis Carroll, Science, Logic & the Imagination Roundtable
Prof Iwan Rhys Morus, Prof Alice Gorman, Dr Franziska Kohlt, Dr Amirouche Moktefi, Prof Tom McLeish
Chair: Dr Melanie Keene  
10:45-11amCoffee break
Panel 6:[AS] Celia Brown – Dee and Carroll’s Smoking Mirrors
11-12pm15. Joshua Rawleigh – Through the Looking-Glass Darkly: The Mirror Theology of Alice’s Adventures
 16. Karen Gardiner – “Must a name mean something?”: Concealing and revealing spiritual identity in Through the Looking-Glass through Victorian Broad Church Philology
  Chair: Ian Gomersall
12-12:15pmCoffee break
12:15-1:15pmKeynote Lecture 2:  Charlie Lovett – Reflections in a Looking-Glass: Christian Self-reflection in the Life of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
 Chair: Franziska Kohlt
1:15-2pmLunch break
Panel 7:
[AS] Luxin Yin – Mirrors and Windows for Children: Grace Lin’s Tale of Childhood Suffering and Growth in Mountain Meets the Moon 
 17. Justine Houyaux – Kaleidoscopic Alices: Louis Aragon’s Criticism of The First Two French Translations of Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
 18. Derrick McClure – Throwe the Keekin-Gless an Fit Ailice Funn There
 19. Ekaterina Shatalova – Through the Looking-Glass with a Soviet Twist
Chair: Anna Kérchy
3:30-4:45pmCoffee break
Panel 8:[AS] Jan Susina – The Fishy Riddles of Through the Looking-Glass
3:45-5:15pm“It’s all in some language I don’t know”: Jabberwocky in/as Poetry, Translation, and Transmedia Imagetext
 20. Björn Sundmark
 21. Kit Kelen
 22. Anna Kérchy
 23. Michael Everson
5:30-6:30pmFinal discussion: Alice, Quo Vadis? Beyond the Looking-Glass
 Prof Adam Roberts, Dr Dimitra Fimi, Steve Folan,
Charlie Lovett, Dr Diane Waggoner
Chair: Brian Sibley
6:30pm Farewell & Drinks reception
T ] John Tenniel - Alice Through the Looking-Glass (1871… | Flickr
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